How scientific excellence is achieved

Adam Baker, Head of Discovery, on our most recent research and how scientific excellence is achieved.


We believe in a future powered by science. That is why research and development is a top priority at Chr. Hansen and why we do state-of-the-art research ranging from in silico genomics studying the genetics of the LGG® strain, over in vitro assays in the lab studying the mode of action in humans with models, to ex vivo organoid systems and clinical research studying the LGG® strain in humans directly.

For instance, recent research has found that the pili or small hairs that cover the surface of the LGG® strain are important for mucus adhesion. The gastrointestinal tract is lined with mucus, and the ability to adhere to this could support and help the LGG® strain persist in the gastrointestinal system and, in some way, confer a potential health benefit.

I think that a large part of our success in research and innovation comes from sharing knowledge. We are constantly reaching out to a growing network of universities and leading research institutes and hospitals all over the world.  


Norgaard Mikkelsen