LGG® Mega-city tour in India


Discussing probiotics and benefits of the LGG® strain with more than 3,000 Health Care Professionals.


Leading doctors in India asked Chr. Hansen for more information about LGG®1 and in particular, what makes it superior to other probiotic strains. To meet this request and to provide an opportunity for a professional dialogue, Chr. Hansen sent two colleagues on a tour of India.

Scientific Advisor Ulla Holmboe Gondolf and National Sales Manager for India Gaurav Bhatia visited the four largest cities in India.

The outcome was overwhelming

a)     The objective of the tour was to present: Characteristics of the LGG® strain and potential mode of action

b)     LGG® by Chr. Hansen and how we always secure the highest quality products

The panel debates reflected great interest in the LGG® strain and a curiosity on the strong study results on the strain within both immune and gastrointestinal health.

The total number of participants for the seminars including those who attended via webcast was 3,769 Clinic Practitioners.

  • 2,777 Health Care Professionals attended the event in person
  • 992 Health Care Professionals attended the program online via the webcast

A professional dialogue

Interaction from the participants showed great interest and we were delighted to have experienced such a professional and engaging dialogue with so many Health Care Professionals. The most frequently asked questions were:

  • Which dosage of the LGG® strain is recommended?
    • Answer: It depends on the benefit area and the target segment but we have convincing results from 1 billion cfu/day onwards.
  • Is the LGG® strain also stable at the high temperatures found in India?
    • Answer: The LGG® strain is very stable when the manufacturing process is under control. At Chr. Hansen we secure superior stability of LGG®, also at high temperatures. We do this by controlling the steps of manufacturing, all the way through the value chain.




This event created insights and clarity to the benefits of probiotics and more specifically to the Pilis of LGG®. Pilis are hair like structures on the surface of the strain which   could play an important role for the functionality of the strain.

Chr. Hansen