The exciting future of the LGG® strain

Senior Research Scientist, Anita Wichmann Gustafsson on the future of the LGG® strain.


We have yet to see the full potential of the LGG® strain. However, the strain is supported by numerous scientific studies, published globally in scientific journals and publications. Also, the strain has been recommended by the highly recognized organization ESPGHAN in their guidelines – for instance, for management of severe loose stools. Therefore, I truly believe that the importance of the LGG® strain will only keep increasing.

Already we are starting to see some new and very exciting areas where the LGG® strain has shown potential benefits in initial clinical studies. It is challenging to understand the mode-of-action in the human body, since it involves the interaction of two living organisms. The LGG® probiotic strain is a live bacterium and is capable of expressing many different metabolites, enzymes and cell surface molecules, some of which have been shown to have specific interactions in vitro. Only through research can we truly understand how the LGG® strain interacts in the human gastrointestinal tract, to investigate the potential clinical benefits. With the possibility of unknown benefits, yet to be explored.

The future of the LGG® strain seems more exciting than ever. I believe that through scientific research we can continue to demonstrate the progress and expand the potential of the LGG® strain.


Norgaard Mikkelsen