The experts on probiotics in healthcare

The power of probiotics in healthcare, explained by the experts.

The LGG® strain has since it’s discovery been recognized for carrying all the right features for potentially conveying health benefits. And that is why the LGG® strain now holds the status as the world’s best documented strain, supported by more than 1100 scientific publications and 300 scientific studies. Some of these clinical studies indicate that consuming the LGG® strain may have beneficial effects, especially within the immune and gastrointestinal function. “Different factors like diet, stress and antibiotics may disrupt the delicate balance of our gut microbiota, and the LGG® strain may help to restore and maintain the natural balance of the good bacteria in our gut.” Ulla Holmboe Gondolf, Scientific Advisor.

Probiotics are already well established in the healthcare industry, for instance the well-esteemed paediatric organization ESPGHAN recommends the LGG® strain in their guidelines – for, amongst other things, antibiotics-associated loose stools1. The LGG® strain can also be found in formula for babies who do not tolerate cow’s milk very well, with remarkable results “A study shows that after 12 months of consuming the bacteria in these hydrolysed hypoallergenic infant formula, more than 75% of babies with cow’s milk intolerance, could now cow’s milk.” Jill Porter, Sr. Global Strategic Account Manager.

Through continuous research we are constantly expanding the potential of the LGG® strain at Chr. Hansen. In fact, the newest knowledge has convinced us, that in the future the strain may have an even greater impact for many people experiencing health issues – for example, a new study within the areas of mental health and metabolic health that has shown very interesting results. As our VP of Microbiome & Human Health Innovation, Johan Van Hylckama Vlieg says “I am deeply convinced that the impact of probiotics on healthcare is going to grow a lot in the years to come. All the science on the microbiome is showing us that these bacteria are holding an immense potential.”


Norgaard Mikkelsen