Probiotics and the future of healthcare

Scientific Advisor, Ulla Holmboe Gondolf explains why probiotics could be the future of the healthcare industry.


We believe that probiotics are the future of the healthcare industry. Every day we are learning more about these bacteria and their many possible health benefits. The LGG® strain is the world’s best documented probiotic strain, supported by more than 1100 scientific publications.  Human clinical studies indicate that it may have beneficial effects, especially within the immune and gastrointestinal function. Different factors like diet, stress and antibiotics may disrupt the delicate balance of our gut microbiota, and clinical studies have shown that the LGG® strain may help to restore and maintain the natural balance of the good bacteria in our gut.

Imagine the impact probiotics could have globally if more people consumed probiotics. Restoration of a disrupted gut microbiota may increase the gastrointestinal wellbeing and thereby help a lot of people all over the world.

Although we may have come a long way, we have merely scratched the surface in discovering the benefits of probiotics and the LGG® strain in particular. Continuously we get new knowledge about the LGG® strain convincing us that the strain may have an impact for many people experiencing health issues – for example, an exciting new study within the areas of mental health and metabolic health.

The potential of probiotics seems endless and we cannot wait to see what great discoveries the future holds and where they will lead us.


Norgaard Mikkelsen