Working on a world changer

Johan Van Hylckama Vlieg, VP of Microbiome & Human Health Innovation talks about affecting the lives of millions every day through science.


Every day I get to work on something that ultimately may impact people’s lives for the better, potentially helping them maintain and improve their health. The LGG® strain is the world’s best scientifically documented probiotic strain and being a part of that, helping to push it even further is greatly motivating. It is fascinating to think that all over the world many people every day consume Lactobacillus rhamnosus (LGG®), both through food and dietary supplements.

But what we are seeing now is merely the beginning. I am deeply convinced that the impact of probiotics on healthcare is going to grow a lot in the years to come. All the science on the microbiome is showing us that these bacteria are holding an immense potential.

The LGG® strain comes with the promise of Scientific Excellence by Chr. Hansen which, to us working with it, means dedication and commitment. Working at Chr. Hansen you are carrying forward a 140-year long history of scientific pioneering and probiotic expertise. Which is why we see every challenge as an opportunity. Using the most advanced scientific technologies will really allow us to bring the level of scientific substantiation of the potential beneficial effects of the LGG® strain to another level. I refer in particular to the deep analysis of microbe-host interactions using advanced genomic and analytical technologies.


Norgaard Mikkelsen