Probiotics in the US healthcare industry

Jill Porter, Sr. Global Strategic Account Manager discusses the increasing role of probiotics in the American healthcare industry.


Probiotics in the US are not exactly new any longer but we are starting to see a much wider adoption and interest especially in the LGG® strain. The well-esteemed pediatric organization ESPGHAN also recommends the LGG® strain in their guidelines – for instance, for antibiotics-associated loose stools¹.

The biggest market is still in the dietary supplement space where it is used for its potential benefits for both adults and children. The LGG® strain can also be found in formula* for babies who do not tolerate cow’s milk very well. In fact, a study shows that after 12 months of consuming the bacteria in these hydrolysed hypoallergenic infant formula, more than 75% of babies with cow’s milk intolerance now tolerated cow’s milk².

In the US, we are starting to see a lot of new emerging market areas for the LGG® strain. We are also seeing a movement towards more dietary supplements containing the LGG® strain specifically targeting babies.

Another very interesting area is the functional food space, right now we experience an increasingly high level of interest for the LGG® strain.
It is evident that with the LGG® strain there is a great amount of untapped potential for functional dairy products, specifically for children.

Which is why we are feeling very optimistic about the future development of these new areas.



1. Szajewska et al., JPGN 2016, 62(3): 495-506
2. Canani et al al., J Pediatr 2013; 163:771-777

*BREASTMILK IS BEST. Chr. Hansen is committed to the highest standards of responsible marketing of breast milk substitutes and complies with the WHO "International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes" as implemented by national governments.


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