Backed by a leading global bioscience company, the LGG® strain comes with the promise of “Scientific Excellence by Chr. Hansen” - based on four parameters:


Superior quality

Produced at the highest industry standards for food and dietary supplements as well as an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and at infant grade. The LGG® strain is backed by scientific experts and more than 140 years of experience in producing probiotics. Available in as many as 10 different consumer formats and can be tailored to specific requests.


Guaranteed stability & longevity

Live and active all over the world. Guaranteed stability means: stable for 3 years at 30°C in zone 4b for formats such as capsules and powder sticks. Lasting longer than any other Lactobacillus strain on the market. The LGG® strain is also stable in fresh fermented dairy – ensuring a performance second to none.

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Safety through strain integrity

We secure genome stability of material used for initiation of the production process. As a result we always deliver the proven and high-quality original LGG® strain, studied in more than 15,000 subjects with no reported serious adverse events. The LGG® strain by Chr. Hansen is the safe and trusted choice.


Innovation through research

The LGG® strain is the world’s best scientifically documented, probiotic strain with more than 1,100 scientific publications. That is why Chr. Hansen has more than 70 researchers and scientists devoted to the development of our probiotics and cultures – always improving and setting the bar for scientific innovation.