LGG® whips away the enemies of the body

LGG® is the only hairy probiotic. The hairs are like magic whips, successfully battling the enemies of the body, something no other probiotic is capable of doing! LGG® helps people around the world to feel better.

What exactly is LGG®?

LGG® is the king of probiotics.

LGG® is a health-promoting lactic acid bacterium, a probiotic. It is the best known of its kind with more than 800 published research articles. Its effectiveness is proven.

LGG® is the only probiotic with flexible whips. These whips help to promote the proven health benefits of LGG®.

Valio holds an exclusive license to LGG® probiotic. Valio exports LGG® and wellbeing to over 60 countries. People around the world have experienced the magic of LGG®!

The unique whips of LGG®

Image credit: Kankainen et. al. 2009

LGG® guarantees the wellbeing of your stomach

When you take antibiotics: a course of antibiotics can be tough on your stomach. LGG® restores the natural balance in the stomach and maintains it afterwards.

When you travel: foreign bugs can take the fun out of your holiday. LGG® helps to prevent upset stomach and speeds up the recovery. By using LGG® products before and during your trip you guarantee the best protection for your stomach.

When you have stomach flu: LGG® prevents bad bugs from invading. It will shorten the duration of diarrhoea in children by up to two days.

LGG® prevents diarrhea in children

  • With LGG®
  • Without LGG®
% of children with diarrhea
  • 30 %
  • 20 %
  • 10 %
  • 0
6.7 %
33.3 %
Severe diarrhea
2.2 %
16.7 %
Stomach flu

Based on research by Szajewska et al. 2001. Read more about the study ›

LGG® Fights against common cold

Fewer colds with LGG®: It maintains the body’s defenses. As the season for the common cold approaches, LGG® keeps you going and gives your body the strength to fight off the bad bugs!

Shorter duration of colds with LGG®: If you have a cold, LGG® fights against it with its whips. No other probiotic can match its power! With the help of LGG® you recover faster!

LGG® prevents 4 out of 10 colds in children

% of children with colds
  • 6 %
  • 4 %
  • 2 %
  • 0
2.1 %
With LGG®
5.5 %
Without LGG®

Based on research by Hojsak et al, 2010. Read more about the study ›

LGG® protects from allergies

LGG® helps to build natural defenses in children. Children using LGG® products have been found to have fewer allergies. The preventative effect is even greater if the mother uses LGG® products during pregnancy.

Children’s allergies reduced to half after LGG® consumption

  • With LGG®
  • Without LGG®
% of children with allergies
  • 60 %
  • 30 %
  • 15 %

Based on research by Kalliomäki 2007. Read more about the study ›

Products with LGG® are available in over 60 countries

Global Success stories

Global success stories

Mastellone Hermanos s.a.

LGG® early adopter excels in the Argentine cheese market

Mastellone Hermanos S.A. became one of the first licensees of Valio’s Lactobacillus GG by adding LGG® to all of their yoghurt and fermented milk lines in the mid-1990´s. Company made a nation-wide campaign to spread the knowledge on the exceptional health benefitting properties of LGG®. In Argentina nearly a thousand com-panies compete in the Argentinian cheese-market and by utilizing a locally well-known wellness ingredient LGG®, Mastellone gets an important edge in the market. As a result of the market differentiation, La Serenisi-ma Port Salut and Saint Paulin with LGG® have quickly become very popular with consumers, their consumer benefit being La Serenisima cheeses with LGG® take care of your health.

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Industrias Lácteas Toni SA

Marketing LGG® yoghurt for children in Ecuador

Toni S.A. licensed LGG® from Valio in 1996 and rather than adding value to specific products by creating a probiotic brand family, Toni made its yoghurts synonymous with maintaining healthy digestion by adding LGG® to all types of yoghurts. Toni´s special focus group has been children and the advertised benefit is the maintaining of a healthy digestive system by activating body´s own immune defenses. LGG® is being promoted in Ecuador using a Facebook character Lactopatricio, who also appears on YouTube and internet games to teach children about the benefits of healthy dairy.

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Parmalat Australia Ltd.

Combining great taste with the benefits of LGG® in Australia

Parmalat Australia acquired the LGG® license in 1997 and has ever since been producing probiotic yoghurts under Vaalia brand, which has become a major brand in the Australian yoghurt market. The main consumer benefit of Vaalia yoghurts is combining great taste with probiotics to naturally maintain and regulate your digestive system, keeping you happy inside. The yoghurts are positioned for both adults and children in both spoonable and drinkable form.

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